Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yesterday was an awesome day. Russ, Cass, Jay, Adrian and I ran in the Snowman Stampede in Littleton. Its a great race with a 5 and 10 mile option and I really encourage everyone to sign up next year. There are also several other races in the series...check out for more info.
It was a nice day but unfortunately the course was pretty icy in spots. I'm a huge wimp on ice (just ask amanda after our run today) so parts of it were pretty slow. But I felt great and still got in a pretty decent workout. I also saw my friend John from Nebraska. I had no idea he was going to be there and it was really nice to catch up. He's one of those amazingly positive people that are always looking on the bright side. I like hanging out with him because it reminds me how good my life is and that I should appreciate it more.
My plantar doesn't hurt today and thats a huge relief. I've made some changes and things seem to be working out really well.
I'm a happy girl and my eye hasn't twitched in a long time :)

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