Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gate River and Beyond!!!

Gate River Run (15k) was ok, but a little disappointing, in the fact that I felt pretty good after the first mile and I ran a 4.38. I should have been with the lead pack through the first mile and hung on for dear life as long as I could. Well that was the plan at least. The one thing I can take out of the race is that I know I'm ready to race up front with the leaders now at US championships... well at least for the first couple of miles. I have to execute my race strategy, because you never know when it's a good day or bad day! I wasted a good day to run really fast... that feels way worse then those days you just feel like crap and you can't do anything about it.

However, the race was crappy, but man is our team awesome! I know for a fact that most teams were a little jealous of how much fun and extremely cool we were! hahaha well great time and great friends! In any situation, all I have to say is WWAD (What Would Art Do) and we would do the most bad ass thing you could think of!!!


I just got 2 emails back from race directors, I'm going to Crescent City 10k in New Orealins the first of next month, Bloomsday 12k in Spokane, wa, the end of April, and then Boulder Bolder 1ok! I'm soo ready for the Crescent City 10k! prefect timing to race really fast out of Gate River.

Oh, happy late Pie day!! or Pi day or π day - I had cherry pie!

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