Thursday, February 17, 2011


Considering having major foot surgery or being on crutches anytime soon? Here are some helpful tips to help you endure

1) Do not even think about going to get a coffee. You will not be able to carry if from the counter or throw away the cup when you are done. When you make coffee at home keep a chair next to machine so you can sit with your leg up while it brews and while you drink it.
2) Padded cycling gloves are your friend. you also need a backpack.
3) It's hard to shower with a cast on. It's even harder to shave your one good leg so start practicing your balancing skills ahead of time.
4) The granny carts at walmart go way faster than the ones at the grocery store. Leave your crutches at customer service while you get your groceries. if you leave them in the cart you will likely knock over entire displays and not be much help cleaning up. As if driving the granny cart isn't embarrassing enough.
5) Airline travel is actually not too bad when you get a wheelchair. Just be ready for a nice THOROUGH pat down at security. Checking your bag is a must and make sure someone is there to get it off the conveyor belt upon arrival.
6) Buy a million books before the surgery. You will have extra time and you will run out. Going to the bookstore is incredibly frustrating. You cant put the books in the backpack because they will think you are stealing. Good luck trying to carry them to the counter to check out.
7) Take the time to realize how lucky you are. Your cast is coming off and you will be able to walk again. So many people have to deal with these obstacles for life.

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  1. Tera,

    I love the spirit and the message. Good luck on the recovery. You will be back in no time.