Monday, February 14, 2011

It's been a while...

Hey all! It's been about 8 or 10 months since i last posted and I'm blaming it on a mix between a bad year & a lack of motivation. Part of the motivation would help to hear what you have to say and the other part is i really need to get some good races in. I built up for Chicago Marathon for last fall and blew butt there. Then I kind of lost my running motivation for the rest of the fall. I kept running know that it would come back, but not the typical big miles that I had been doing before Chicago Marathon. I'm am now almost fully back mentally and ready to rock this year out!

I have Gate River Run 15k coming up... which I haven't booked my ticket yet... $$$ scary! And I am also planning on race the 10k at Penn Relays, well if i can get in. If by then i feel really fit i'm going to find a half marathon within 2 to 3 weeks and hope in it.

As of right now i'm pretty fit, but not a sure high fitness. By that weird statement I mean I've been doing a lot of fartlick stuff, but not a lot of repeat stuff yet. I'm back up to 100 to 110 miles a week and doing long tempo's mix with my long runs, 5 mile tempo(5.06avg.), and last week I hoped in with my roommates at the Air Force indoor track and did a light 1mile(4.57) 1200 (67s), 800 (65s), 400(60), 200 (28) and 100 (14). So I'm starting to feel a little better about where i'm at and the biggest news was I wore spikes and best part was I was not sore at all. I feel thats the sign that i'm getting pretty fit when i do have lactic acid build up!!! Another big workout week ahead... i'm going to do something between 1k's up to 1mile repeats. That will give me a better idea of where i'm at.

Thanks for your support and let me know what your thinking!!!

Tommy OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. yes and it feels really really good to say it!