Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let's all chase each other around an oval, 'k?

The birds are singing, a bee flew up my shorts a week ago while stretching, I have a new watch tan-line, there are 50+ mph winds *nearly* everyday, there are no more icy patches on the trails to scoot across like a granny, I'm down to 1-1.5 layer(s) on morning runs rather than the usual 2-4, and the squirrels in Monument Valley are feeling....frisky. SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! And with the springing of springtime, track season ensues! Don't get me wrong, I would be more than thrilled if cross country season was year-round, and I would take the roads for racing any day, but I decided to branch out and do one or two track races this spring. That's right, one or two, and that's extreme. Track is more suited to the graceful little impalas rather than the shambling, awkward moose. Anyhow, I had decided to do the 10k at Mt.Sac a while back, then just recently the thought occured to me that I haven't been on a track since 2008, so maybe I should try to get the track legs back before then. So I stowed-away on the bus with the UCCS team heading to Pueblo last weekend for a meet out there to do the 5k to get a feel for being on a track again. It went pretty well although not much to write home about as far as time goes. It was a lot like I remember it; laps...several of them. Nevertheless it was fun, it felt like a solid effort in the wind, I felt great overall, it was fun to see Cassie throw down in some middle distance races, and it was good to see a crutch-less Tera. But really it was just fun to watch the events unfold throughout the meet--it's like watching a circus.

So right now training is going great and next on the docket is the 10k at Mt.Sac--hoping for a great one!
Alright, happy running to all. OUT.

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