Wednesday, April 20, 2011


What a weekend for American distance running. And not just for everyone at Boston, but for lots of people out west at Mt.Sac. Always a hub for amazing races, I got to watch the last bit of Kristen's steeple, Cassie, Nichole and Wendy's 5k, and Matt and Steve's 10k. Lots of green in the fields that night. Not to mention I got to be at the same hotel as Sara Hall, Jorge (or Eduardo??) Torres, and Molly Huddle! Oh and went to In-and-Out burger. Twice. My 10k was....anti-climactic to say the very least. Let's just say I DFL'ed, got the pity-clap, my glute is killing me, and I have yet to actually look at results. I just don't see a reason to add that much more psyhological agony on top of that. Afterward I spent some time wandering aimlessly around a field in the dark convincing myself that at least it wasn't a DNF. DFL trumps DNF...right? Um yeah....not so much. After that, Matt Levassiur and Steph Bylander (who were ridiculously kind enough to shuttle me to and from the meet since Matt's race was right before mine) and I ate our feelings at In-and-Out and talked about how great the 10k is. Yep. But in all seriousness, quite the letdown. And that's all I have to say about that.

<-Bringing up the rear.

The following day I did no running-related activities whatsoever besides watch a track meet for 10 hours while likely contracting malignant melanoma, and I thought no running-related thoughts. The day after that I went jogging-with-a-soft-j on a really nice golf course on some beautiful grass with beautiful trees in 80 degree weather and got yelled at by a maintenance guy who I'm pretty sure was about 14. So now back in Springs and getting my butt/ham fixed and hopefully will be legitimately race-able by the Sneak.

Since this wasn't a very inspiring or uplifting blog, allow me off-set the doom and gloom for a moment...have I got some inspiration for YOU! Have you ever found yourself wondering, "What would it take to be the best--nay--the GREATEST mid-packer in all the running world?" Well, two brave souls that I have the fortune of being aquainted with are questing to become just that! Check out Springs' runners Matt Copps and Shawn Finley's new blog, Midpack Moments with Matt and Shawn! Follow their trials, tribulations, doubts, frustrations and moments of pure glory! To share in their blood, sweat and tears, click here (and no, this isn't a virus):

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