Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabulous 5k

Like many others Russ and I went to Mt. SAC. Russ raced the 1500m and the 800m. He was exhausted from work so the 1500 wasn't so great, but he ran a 1:53 half mile for his first one of the year. I'm super excited about how well he has maintained his fitness through a tough winter of injuries and many days in the gym. He is very fit and strong and on the right path for a good track season. Hopefully ending with the England championships. It was also great to watch Ali, athletes from my alma mater (Charlotte), and the athletes of UCCS.

Oh how I love the 5k! It's a great distance, long enough to utilize my slow twitch muscles, but short enough that I don't notice the lap counter. The last time I was at Mt SAC I was attempting to break 17 minutes for the 5k for te first time, but DNFed because I had two stresss fractures in my right shin ended up being booted for 14 weeks. So going back to a place with crappy (painful) memories added a bit of nervousness. Fortunately, everything went as planned and I ran a personal best. It was wonderful to have Nicole in the race; we raced well together and helped each other stay on target. Thanks Nicole!!

I had a great race and finished in 16:00.48......POINT FOUR EIGHT! Half a second to breaking 16, that's one more quick step somewhere in the 12.5 laps or if I decreased the time in lane 2 trying to not get boxed in. I was so sad when I crossed the line and found that I was that close to breaking 16 minutes, but then I snapped out of it and became super excited about a great race and personal best time. Races like these are the true reward for all the hard work and time put into training.

Next: 10k at Payton Jordan at Stanford (California)

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