Monday, April 18, 2011

Mt. SAC...and then sick

I headed out to the famed Mt. SAC relays last week despite being sick and deciding not to race. It wasn't in my best interest for recovering, nor would it have been very fun or fast. It hit at just the right time too. Any sooner and I could've recovered before the race. Any later and I wouldn't have realized I was coming down with something, and the race wouldn't have been pretty.

The trip, however, was great as I visited with some high school friends in Santa Monica and got some good rest with an easy week of running. It's a beautiful area, complete with good weather during my stay. We hit up the beach (to run as well as hang out), and I even tried my hand at surfing.

The race was a good opportunity, but I'm not upset about missing it. Up until then, I was really enjoying runs and workouts and was starting to get in shape. I'm feeling better and after getting back into the swing of things, I'll look forward to racing again. Planning on the Cherry Creek Sneak in a couple weeks.

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