Tuesday, February 9, 2010

US Cross Championships Tune Up

Getting ready for US Cross has been a little rough. I been sick for a couple of days and felt the aftermath a couple more days. I have been putting in consistently over 100 mile weeks since the first of jan. other than last week i got 90 in... which i wanted to make sure i was over my crappy cold stuff and be 100 percent.

Workout wise I have been mainly doing fartlicks until last friday i did a very light "tempo" and it went kind of crappy. It was 5 miles at 5:29 avg. and didn't feel great. But that evening I had 6x200m as my second workout. I warmed up 4 miles and crused 34, 34 low, 33, 33 low, 32, 32 low with 50 second light jog. I felt great and not that it was a hard workout at all, but I just needed to run that pace just to reassure me that still can run sub 4:40 mile pace.

My workout day went really good! I had another light workout and it was 4x400, 1k, 4x400. I had to hold back quite a bit, but it's for the better of the race this weekend. I was 70-71 on the 4s and 3.04 for the 1k. I was very relaxed! The outdoor track had about 2 inch of snow on it and was about a 6 to 8 mph winds. I did put spikes on and it looks like Spokane is going to muddy anyways. So I got a little closer to race like conditions anyways. Also, I used the trust art seminars half inch spikes that he gave me last year in Spokane!!! coincidence... I dont think so!!! Thanks buddy!

I do have more stuff, if i have time I'll post before the race.


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