Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Weekend/Upcoming Races

Hey everyone! Good job to those who competed this weekend! BRC is looking strong! I just wanted to post up what I dealt with this week/weekend. I had to wait for a response from the Meyo Invitational mile to see if there was any room for me. Unfortunately the Notre Dame coach declined my entry. He is pretty big on letting holding off all post collegians. He mentioned that their was 50 entries, and that he considers all collegiates before any post collegiate. So that was that. I had purchased my flight early in the week just in case I was making my way out there. I had it all set up. I was amped! So after that, I figured that coach Martin was going to have me compete at UNM. I was going to do a DMR with some of the post collegiates that are around Alamosa ( If I had know a BRC DMR was running one, I would have been on board!) The reason I didn't go to that meet either was that I had to help out around here with my work. So I ended up doing a workout solo. It sucked!!!!

I did it on Friday, which consisted of four 400's, with 9 min. rest. I ran them as follows: 55,54,53,52. It just felt awkward running solo for a quick session. Saturday I ran 65 min. Today I ran for 85 min. with the Adams guys.

Next Saturday I am heading out to Seattle which I will be doing the 3k (with possibly doubling in the mile).

Now you know what I've been up to, and what I will be doing!

I think this coming Saturday is the infamous "Michel vs. Seimers" 3k race!

If these two gentlemen are still competing together, and the rules still apply(handicap conversion or whatever they called it!) comment on this post to see who you are cheering for!!!!

I personally are hoping both these guys get some personal bests out there in Grand Valley!

Good luck to all and remember,

Lets have fun and Go BRC!!!!!!

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