Monday, February 7, 2011

Inaugural post!

This is Ryan with my first ever blog post! A little about me for the few I haven't met since I'm a newbie to the team. I grew up in Colorado Springs, went to Coronado high school, then on to Harvard for college, and moved back in fall 2008. By the way, Tommy's a HUGE fan of Harvard, just ask him. I'm pretty sure Paul is too. I dabbled in the marathon my first year back, and I may come back to it, but I currently enjoy road, trail, and mountain races of (almost) all distances. Not big into track races though.

This winter has been new territory for me, but in a good way. The last two years I was hurt around this time so I'm grateful to be healthy and wiser going into this year. No races coming up for me, just enjoying the everyday runs (besides the -10F days).

Stay healthy, have fun, and run fast, in that order!

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