Monday, March 14, 2011

Booo Delta

I want to dedicate this blog to anyone who is going to fly Delta in the future. If you find yourself in the last “zone” to board the plane and the stewardess informs you that there is no more overhead space and you will have to check your carry-on, do whatever you can to cram that duffle bag under the seat in front of you. Otherwise, you may never see your bag again.

Unfortunately, that scenario happened to me for the 15k championships this weekend. I eventually got my bag back thanks to my mother-in-law, who used to work for Delta, however, it was not in time for the race. I also want to thank the folks at Adidas, First Place Sports and the Gate River Elite Crew for helping me put together a racing kit at the last minute. Thanks to their help, equipment was not an issue during the race.

The race itself wasn’t so hot. The goal was to place in the top 10 and at the 10k mark, I was just off a pack of runners who were in about 6-11 place. It was around that point where the wheels came off, and I started going backwards. After the finish, I was pretty down about the whole trip until I was told our BRC team had unexpectedly finished second in the team competition, which I think is a solid accomplishment for a bunch of guys that have jobs or are in school. My next race is in 3 weeks at the Cooper River Bridge 10k in Charleston. Hopefully the travel will be a little less eventful.

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