Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gate River

Great weekend in Jacksonville for just about everyone!

I was really happy with my own race. After taking so much time off in December and January, and mainly doing base work for the last month, I wasn't really sure what kind of shape I was in. I kept most of the race around 6:00 pace. I remember thinking after a couple miles...can I hold this for 15K? I decided to take a risk and see what would happen. I stayed pretty consistent the entire race and survived the hill at the end! I ended up at 56:43, 2 seconds off of my PR. Really great start to the year!

Other highlights of my weekend:

* Men placing 2nd and women placing 3rd
* Ali sleep walking the night before the race...I had heard that she did that every now and then, but I had never actually seen it happen!
* Fried alligator and really good food at the post race party
* All the volunteers, Richard Fannin, and all the USATF staff that gave up their weekend to put on a really great race.

Not sure what's next for me. We were waiting to get through Gate River to see where I was fitness wise. Hopefully I'll have that figured out here pretty soon!

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