Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Not alot going on right now as I have been fighting a calf injury lately. I ran the Spring Runoff in Pueblo a week ago or so. I had decided that I would run the 10 mile race this year as it would be my last time running this event. The race was very good as I ran 51:48 and won by almost 30 seconds, but everything went downhill from there. That Monday, I tried to run and made it 1 mile, stopping quite a bit to try and get my calf to feel better and I managed to fall 800 meters into that mile. I took Tuesday off, and then proceeded to try and run some the rest of the week knowing that I was going to attempt to run the St. Pats 5k. The short of the story was my first dnf in a race in the 9 years I have been running. I'm not sure what happened or what caused the problem, but I have been able to get back at it and will continue to see how things go.

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