Monday, March 14, 2011

Gate River Run Results

Great weekend in Jacksonville!!! Mens team was 2nd and Womens team was 3rd! I know i'm yelling a lot, but i'm kind of like Samuel L. Jackson ( ) when certain topic come up!

So the highlight of the weekend was the team. However it was also getting to meet the some of the new guys and having a blast together. Last year my roommate at Gate River was Paul Michaels which was awesome, but this year out of the hat I drew The Red Mexican aka Micheal Chavez!

First off the Red Mexican is if i recall correctly was one of my first words i spoke to my newly found friend Micheal. Second, that boy gave me a couple of scares on race morning when he first woke up at 6.45 when our ride to the start line was leaving pretty shortly after 7. I thought I was going to have to wake the guy up when it was 6.40! No one wants to wake a gentle giant in the middle of their deep slumber; to be honest you never know what someones going to do. Then the legend him self quickly woke up and grabbed his singlet put on his adizero tempos, grab a bagel, bright yellow adios, mumbled something about forgetting a bag to put them in and was all ready to go with time to spare(yes, thats very impressive). The second scare was when we were heading to boat to leave for the line. Chavez yelled, Oh my race number and had to run back up to the room to getting and put it on! I was like a little concerned for the poor guy at that point. But he was nice, clean, cool, and collective and rocked out the race like you would expect. Ladies and Gentlemen... Micheal "The Red Mexican" Chavez!!!

Now Ian "No Pants" Burrell is for the springs and I have heard a lot about him, however what I learned this weekend that he will race in "no pants" if thats all he has to race in! So No Pants had all his stuff lost by the airport and had nothing to wear for the race until some of the Gate River guy's and the adidas rep. threw together a racing kit together for him the day before the race. I'm not a 100% on this quote, but i heard that he told some one that he would race with no pants or jean short cut offs if he had to! NO PANTS. (enough said) He also tripped up in the race, fell on the pavement, banged up his shoulder, and among all things... he's in law school! NO PANTS Burrell. Ladies and Gentlemen Ian "N0 Pants" Burrell!!!

Last but not least Ryan "Banana Hands" Hayfer is my roommate and when got home from the race this weekend... guess what i saw him doing.... yes eating a banana! Ladies and Gentleman no name needed Banana Hands!!!

Great new group of guys on the team this year and looking forward to getting to know them better in the future.

I have to put out a shout out to Gate River Run Richard Fannin for all the hard work, entertainment, guest speaker, Post race party, the post post race party(which was an absolute blast!), the post post race party shirts, and everything else that i forgot- I didn't mention-or don't even know about! Great race and if anyone has a chance you have to go out and run it. As so thanks to Bobby Green and the USATF Representatives Bob and Mary. Thank you all so much for the great time and great support.

my race was pretty good but not that good, its a step in the right direction. I was 31 overall and ran 46.12 for 15k which i was hoping to run around 45 flat. The race went out great at 4.43, i was in the pack then the opened up a small gap while i ran a second mile in 4.41, and then i had a small side stitch some time after 4 miles(19.20), 10k 30:29.

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