Thursday, January 21, 2010

Workout Time!!!

What's up!!!

Training has been going well these last couple of weeks, but not great. Mileage wise i have hit 110, 110, and this week 100. I was able to get some ok miles in even after I was sick last weekend, traveling across Kansas 2 weeks ago, and fighting the elements of winter in Missouri the week before that(ice! lots of ice and snow)!

Last week I was able to get in 2 workouts before I got sick. I did a light fartlek on Tuesday as my first real workout back of 45sec on, 2min off x 12. That went well and I like to do those type of workouts in a hilly area like garden of the gods. My second workout was on Friday and I did a ladder fartlek on alternative surfaces(grass). 3on, 2off, 6on, 3off, 9on, 4off, 6on, 3off, 3on, 2off. Pretty good workout, but I really need a couple of weeks of workouts to get a good idea where I’m at.

As for my last week highlights... I did win the farming game this week!!! And... I have started game night in Colorado Springs so if anyone’s in town... GAME NIGHT!!! call me

P.S. Aucencio… We can watch the Office during game night.

Tommy :)

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