Monday, January 18, 2010

I just got back from racing in Houston. The week before leaving I had a crazy work problem. A pipe burst and flooded the basement of a rental on the day a group of tenants was moving out. The next group was supposed to move in the next day. There were already plenty of damages to the place that needed attention and the flooded basement caused a ton of extra problems. Luckily I have a great contractor that can help me with this stuff and he was already coming over to fix the damages from the first tenants. We needed to cut open a kitchen wall to fix the pipe and reinsulate it. The water had to come out of the basement (thank you sump pump and shop vac!) and the old soaked carpets needed to come out and get hauled away. The hot water heater had to be dried out and we needed new flooring in the kitchen and basemet. Finally everything needed to be put back together and cleaned. Then we had to tackle the regular move out stuff. This involved replacing some broken doors and screens, hauling away an entire trailer full of crap they left behind, and a ton of cleaning (college guys have a very different version of clean than I do). There was also a random car that was parked in the tenants spot and had been there for 10 days. I had 29 hours and I used pretty much all of them but I did sneak away for a 5 mile run to keep my sanity.
I *thought* I kept it together pretty well throughout the ordeal. But a couple days later after dealing with the paperwork and insurance claims I think all the stress caught up to me and I completely lost it. (poor david...I dont know how he puts up with me!) I realized that I can't work for 29 hours straight especially before a big race. Next time I just need to hire some more help or ask my friends as a favor. I am definitley going to work on not over extending myself as much.
After all the craziness going to Houston felt like a vacation. It was super relaxing...the day before the race I read in bed for several hours and I slept great while I was there. The race was a lot of fun and I felt really good. It definitley wasn't perfect but I came away with a PR and I'm really happy was able to pull it together and compete. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can run when im back to my normal self.
For now its a few days off to see if I can heal an issue im having with my right hip and plantar. I have a couple races I want to do and I'm trying to finalize my schedule this week depending on what the sports med people say.

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