Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Road workout...because we have no indoor track

So...I had a really good road workout yesterday on the streets of Gunnison. We don't have an indoor track...I mean why would you have an indoor track in Gunnison where it's typically between -10 and 10 degrees everyday? You should have them in places like Albuquerque...or Seattle. Who wants to run outside in 50 degrees everyday?

Anyhow, the workout was great. Did 7x1 min, 5x45 sec, 5x30 seconds. Roughly 400,300,200's with 1 min rest and 2 minutes between sets. I felt really good and my speed feels ahead of schedule even though I haven't been working on it much, besides strides and drills.

This past weekend we had an intrasquad in Montrose and I beat Cody's track record, running a 1:53.3. It felt pretty good, and it should help with running some miles and 3k's later in the season. I like racing below my race distance in the winter when I am basically training more for the 5 or 10k otherwise.

I hope to see a lot of you Friday and Saturday at Mines. Greg, Art and I should have a fun time in the DMR. If we don't win I'll never rabbit another DMR again...

Hope everyone is training well and staying healthy!


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