Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey everyone, it's been a minute since i've last posted. I've done a few workouts,runs, etc... I'll post what I can remember. Last Friday myself and Nick Lara had 3x500 with 10 min. in between each. We were told to go through the quarter at 55, which for the 500's we ran: 1:11,1:10,1:09. the workout was pretty intense. we figured at that pace, we would run around 1:50-1:51 in that small track. So in all that workout went well. Saturday just had 70 min. Sunday ran for an hour 45 min. Monday did a 65 min run. Today was another workout on the track. It was the first day running with some of the Adams guys. It was hard to run on the track just due to a lot of athletes on it at the same time. I had for the day, 5x3x300, with 1 min in between each and 4 mins. in between the sets. for the 15 I averaged 44 mids. It was quite the task being that the first 2 sets I would start from behind and would end up running around 42's for a few of those. So on 3rd set, I asked if i could start in front and run from there. The guys would start a few seconds behind. I felt more relaxed doing it that way. Anywho, the workout overall was good, a bit hard but not bad. This weekend I will be heading up to UNM to compete in the mile. I don't know what my fitness level is, but I will jump in this weekend at UNM and find out!

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