Thursday, January 21, 2010

I did a workout with Kevin Bacon!

Yesterday morning, I got to do my favorite-ever workout that is called Bridge-to-Bridge. Nope, I didn't give it that name, but given the fact that you run from this one bridge down to this other bridge, the title is quite appropriate. Basically it goes like this: there is this dirt trail loop we have that is a total of 2140 meters. Beginning at the "top" of the loop, you run your hard interval down to the next bridge 1440 meters away. Then you run straight into the recovery part of the loop that's 600 meters--where you run easy down the trail, around the corner, up the hill, back to the beginning, and straight into the next interval. I did four reps of it. Usually, the hard intervals take me about 5:09-5:12, and get a second or two faster each rep. Yesterday however, I did a horrendous pacing job and got really nervous/overly-excited (but I really wanted to run a P.R.!) and did the first rep in 5:02, and gradually died like a dog on the It was embarassing. Nevertheless, I was like 30 seconds off of my best time and considering the trail was good, but not great, with a few rutted-out areas and a couple icy corners and ice on the uphill, I'm not thoroughly disgusted with it. I'm only disgusted with my initial decision to take it out like I did when I was six years old and competing at the Mountain View Elementary School Two Mile Fun Run (which is to say, like an amateur. But that time I really wanted to win that pop-sicle). Rookie mistakes! Bah! But I'm over it, and definitely felt it on this morning's run, so I'd say the effort was there even though the brains were not. Just don't do it in a race, right?

The effort for the day was aided by UCCS' track coach David Harmer. He turned up to generously donate his energy in rabbiting the workout despite having done a workout with his track kids the day before, and despite having another workout lined up for the following day as well. In his quaint Enlgish accent he stated "Right now I'm everyone's training-b****!" So charming. And Misch showed up to holler and stand around in chilly temps despite having finished his own workout a couple hours before. So with those factors, the workout was almost like a real race, minus the actual competitors and starting gun and finishing tape. The added encouragement was very much appreciated though.

Now, every so often in the midst of an especially difficult workout or run, I am sometimes struck with unusual and sometimes startling revelations. I had one such revelation during this workout. Somewhere around middle of the second rep as I struggled to keep up with Harmer, I came to the sudden realization that he bears an astonishing resemblance to Kevin Bacon in the movie 'Footloose'--minus the awesome 80's dance moves. Seriously, check it out:

Bacon's on the left, Harmer's on the right, in case you can't tell the difference. It really is a toss-up.

Anyways, aside from that I wish that I had some more exciting news to divulge, but I don't. Congrats though to Adrian and Tera for their awesome races in Phoenix and Houston last weekend--they both did pretty boss for sure.

That's all for now--happy trails to all.

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