Friday, January 22, 2010

Past few weeks

Been really busy at work lately, but a quick summary of the past few weeks. Two weeks ago I hit 87 miles and last week was 91 miles. I have been doing 2 workouts and a long run each week. Usually it's hills and a track workout and a long run of 1:45 (about 14-15 miles). I have been holding up pretty well so far but this week has been rough for me. Art and I did a workout with Mike Aish on Monday that consisted of 1600m, 4:00 rest, 8x500m w/ 60 sec. Mike did a 2k instead of 1600m and took a little less rest. The weather has been good so we were able to get on the Mines outdoor track. I just never felt smooth during the workout and ended up cutting the last 4 500's down to 400's so I got a little more rest. That worked a lot better and I was able to run 65's pretty comfortably. Wednesday was a quick workout of 8x200m w/ 200m jog. Again, I didn't feel very good and it was getting pretty cold out by the time I was able to get out of work. I should have just gone inside to do it, because I started in shorts but had to put the pants back on after 2 of them because it was too cold.

I will be racing the DMR tonight with Paul, Art and Mark Husted. We are going to try and help the collegiate guys qualify their teams for nationals. I will be leading off and trying to take the 1200m out in around 2:02 for the 800...then just see what I can do the last 400m. Should be fun to get back to racing since I haven't done anything for over a month.

Looking ahead, I am going to run the 3k at Grand Valley and hope to run under 8:10. With 8:03 qualifying for USA Indoors I am going to see how I feel and try to go after the second half of the race. After that, Paul, Jason and I (and maybe Tommy?) will be going to Jacksonville for the 15k champs.

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