Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Nothing like a couple sub-zero runs with a ridiculous windchill to make you really appreciate those 20-odd degree morning runs. After yesterday and today, anything over about 10 degrees seems downright tropical. However, you know you're blessed with very good and understanding friends when someone will drive you 10 miles north of your destination so that you can do your whole run with the arctic-caliber wind at your back. Oh, and I'm happy to inform everyone that there is no truth to the myth that running in cold air freezes your lungs--but I'm sure all of the Gunnisonites could've told you that.

Not too much exciting running-related news right now; just training with nothing too big on the immediate horizon. Most likely I'll jump in the Gate River Run 15k in mid-March (I have unfinished buisiness there from last year, ha) or another possibility I am looking at is a different 15k out in Scottsdale, AZ on the same day as Gate River. Prior to either of those I'll probably do a local race to just get the legs going. Then we'll see how things unfold and what leads where. I would really like to get my feet wet in some longer race distances this year though. By "longer" I mean anything beyond 10k. I've laid down a few concrete goals for the year and I think that I have a pretty good idea of what direction to head in training-wise to make them happen. I'd like to get in my first half-marathon (which is still a race distance that practically boggles my mind right now) in the latter part of the year and see where that takes me...maybe a marathon down the road? The more I think about it, the more likely that seems. I also plan on getting in a few track races this spring for the sake of possibly laying down some very overdue PR's.

So that's the 4-11 for now. Till then, just putting in the miles. Also I have to give a big, gigantic, ridiculous congrats to Tera for an amazing race and PR at the Houston half!!! Way to represent and we are proud of you!!!
Over and out.

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