Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Outlook

After a period of reflection following a bit of a down year in 2010 for me I have renewed my focus for 2011. I started 2010 off well in the 25k Championships but then lost my focus and the rest of my training and racing was sub-par in my opinion. Things kind of culminated at the Chicago Marathon in miles 18-23. I've never bonked like that before and I never want to again.
Presently I am training for the marathon again. I will be running the Eugene Marathon on May 1st. My mileage is already higher than it was for Chicago and my focus is back. This time I know what I'm getting into and I am ready for it. I truly have only one goal for this race, sub 2:19. That's it, I could finish way back in the field and I wouldn't care just so long as I run that time. I will post back with my progress frequently but for now I'm just hoping it warms up soon. Nobody likes negative temperatures for the morning run.

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