Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Running is fun.

I put my body through heck this summer/fall, training substantially more than I ever have before, logging in 100-115 miles most weeks. And for what you may ask? For the chance to add a minute to my 10k time at Clubs (on a faster course) and to go from 8th to 56th in the span of 12 months. You can do it too!!!! Here's how: Just run as much as you can and if your body tells you to let up for a few days, just throw in a really hard workout or add a couple of doubles. It is pretty much sure to work.

But seriously...I have finally been feeling better, and am ready to finally take advantage of all of the mileage and workouts from the fall. I have cut my mileage down to a more manageable 85-90 a week, and had some solid hill workouts and tempos.

Dahlberg invited me to partake in a delightful hill workout yesterday, and I think it may have really changed my life. I learned something at the top of that hill. I actually learned two things... Hills are much more difficult at 7,700 feet. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly...Dahlberg is extremely ticklish.

I am going to New Mexico with the Western State team this weekend, but will not be running in any sort of footrace while down there. And I will then travel with said team to Grand Valley the following week, but will probably still not compete in any sort of land speed competition. I will, however, tickle Dahlberg in our hotel room....and probably tickle Art at the meet if the opportunity presents itself. At the very least, I'm probably going to run my fingers through his beautiful goatee. It is the same color as the golden retriever I had growing up....and that is comforting.

Lastly, a big shout out to Shannon "Life's a" Payne and Ryan "Banana hands" Haefer. Happy running everybody.


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