Thursday, February 3, 2011

Running against me, myself, and I...

Since I started racing again this past summer after my reproductive hiatus, I've come up against an improving adversary at every race...myself. Not the self I am now, but my past self. You see, it's like those Garmin's where you can run against the little computer person, except I'm running against my former selves. First, at the Women's Distance Festival 5k in July I ran against (and lost to) my high school senior self. That was quite the blow to the ego, but onwards and upwards, right? I finally started beating my college freshman self somewhere towards August. Fast forward to Club Cross and I think I was actually beating my college junior self! Now training is going smoothly for the most part and fitness is progressing, so I just long until I finally am a self to beat all former selves. Okay, this is getting a little confusing. To give a current self report--last weekend I went with Matt (husband and fellow BRC runner) and Allie (crazy baby) down to Albuquerque to run a mile and 3k. I was pretty nervous since I hadn't run an indoor race in 5 years...yikes. The races went pretty well and would convert to (if USATF would get smart and allow some altitude conversions) about 5:00 and 9:50. I know that if I could've channeled some assertiveness and aggression from that college senior self (woot, moving up), I could have run a bit faster. As it was, I left the meet conceding about 3 seconds in both events to my college senior doppleganger. I think I'll get her next time, though, and who knows, maybe come outdoors I'll finally be able to race someone other than myself.

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