Friday, February 4, 2011

had enough

I thought my foot healed after taking a significant break from running after the chicago marathon. I got through club xc and had built up my training to an almost normal volume. I didn't plan on doing the houston half but I was feeling good and wanted to see the trials course.
The race was going pretty well and I was feeling great.....until I felt a pop in my foot around 7.5 miles. I knew immediately that something was VERY wrong. I've never had a stress fracture but I assumed thats what it was. But there didn't seem to be a good place to drop out and I was really pissed off because I knew coming in that I had a great shot to PR.
I got home and had some xrays and an evaluation. Its not a fracture but a partial dislocation of my 2nd toe joint and likely further tearing of my plantar plate (the injury I dealt with before chicago). I couldn't cool down and now I'm back in a boot for the 3rd time in the past year.
All of the injury issues I have been dealing with are coming from my GIGANTIC bunion on my left foot. Im so sick of it holding me back and im tired of running races half injured and in pain.
It's time to cut the bunion off. its going to be a long road but ill be back. An added bonus....I'll be able to wear cute shoes for my wedding once I have a normally shaped foot.

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  1. Well T it sounds like it will be all for the best and hopefully never have foot issues again. Congrates again on the engagement.