Friday, February 4, 2011

Wish I had more time...

I have been training now for 10 months since taking my 1.5 year hiatus due to a stubborn buristis in my right knee. Training has been going pretty well for as busy as school has been. Club Cross was a step in the right direction, taking 1 minute 30 seconds off times I had been running previous in the season was a definite bonus. While it was still not my best showing ever, I realize that over a year of time off took its toll, more than I thought it would. I would love to get in really good shape this winter to race track this spring but my clinical rotation schedule is amazingly busy lately and running unfortunately has taken a back seat to school this month. Right now I'm at Children's Hospital and get to work an 18 hour shift every 4th night. It makes running a fun challenge. Thankfully I am still able to get my runs in the other days and my new 24 Hour Fitness pass is really paying off. Nothing like running workouts in a lit room with muscle heads trying to figure out what the heck you are doing bumping up the speed, dropping it down, bumping it up, dropping get the point. At least the scenery is entertaining, nothing like watching trainers try and get stay-at-home-moms to do lunges and pushups. Luckily this rotation is only a month long and hopefully I keep enough fitness to still make a decent showing in track, only time will tell.

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